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I am bad at introductions, so bare with me here...
My name is Edward, and I live in Phoenix AZ. And yes, it is hot out here, thanks for asking.
First off, might as well tell you, since you will figure it out quickly on your own, I am a big ol' geek. Not even vaguely ashamed of it. Somehow, it has never been a problem or a hinderance. Many, while cooking me breakfast in the morning, have declared it to be part of my charm. *wink wink, nudge nudge*
As a matter of fact, I guess my charm is a major factor in getting me by. Kinda falls into three parts.
1) I am an unapologetic geek. If you don't want to know about the different types of Kryptonite there are, then don't ask. Which leads to charm factor 2..
2) I have a shocking inability to have thoughts that just stay in my head. You pretty much know what I am thinking at any given moment. And some would claim this contributes to factor 3...
3) I am apparantly evil. I do try to use my evil for good, if that is any consolation.
I am very caring about my friends, and I do try to give strangers the benefit of the doubt. Sometimes bordering on naive, but I believe in trusting people until there is reason not to. I have been screwed over much less than you would expect with this attitude, and gained some wonderful people in my life.

What have I done in my life? All sorts of things, I guess. I have worked as a warehouse managers, a dance instructor, a circus crew member, a stage manager, a psych-tech, a karaoke host, a bartender, an HIV Counselor and I am sure there are some other things I have forgotten. I have traveled, although nowhere near as much as I would like. My scholarly pursuits included Sign Language, Spanish and Portuguese, Mathematics and Philosophy (emphasis on Logic). I was one of those students in school that did well without having to work at it, so I became a horribly lazy student, which is a major reason why I haven't finished my studies. I still plan on going back, but need to figure out time and money for that. I aspire to be a writer, but it comes slowly.

Activity wise, I enjoy puttering around in my garden (ask me about my tomatoes!), origami and crocheting (my mother taught me when I was a child), playing games (still can't get a good poker night going, darn it!), and some other goodies. Heck, I am pretty much open to trying anything once, although I am not the right type of competitive for most sports. I am a comic-book geek from way back, and I have a bizarrely extensive knowledge of many other geeky pursuits, such as Star Trek and Zombie movies.

hmmm...what else? I enjoy music, do a bit of singing here and there. I almost always enjoy trying new foods. I am not a vegetarian, but I do enjoy experiencing new vegetable dishes. More people have seen me naked than probably should have. I have only one tattoo, and while I always wanted to get my dream tattoo across my back, that probably won't happen, and I am alright with that. Loves me some tequila and vodka, although I am not really much of a drinker.

Well, I guess that is a semi-thorough introduction, right? I mean, there are the miscelaneous physical hair, blues eyes, almost 6 ft, 220# (give or take), reasonably good looking I guess, although I think I might have to buy me a drink before I gave myself my name. Cameras hate me, which is why there aren't any pictures of me up here. I may work on that, but don't hold your breath waiting. Anything else, you can freely learn from my Journal. I am sure that I forgot things that will come up on my posts.

Oh, and if I friended you, but you don't know why, don't worry. I probably came across your journal one day and something in it just struck me, and I decided that I would add you to my friends. Again, this has worked well for me so-far, letting me meet some very nice and interesting people. And if I defriended you, don't take it personally. Sometimes situations outside my control necessitate changes that I did not foresee...

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